My own little love story <3

I get pumped about capturing other people's love on camera because I also understand what it is to love. I live in Wausau Wisconsin with my beautiful wife Elisabeth and our two adorable daughters, Maisy and Holland.

Image Credits: Brooke Hettinga Photography

Beth & I met at a small private college in southern Wisconsin. We were different people back in 2016 and found each other to be pretty annoying! Haha it wasn't until I graduated and moved on with life that we began texting long distance. We became good friends and decided to go on a date to see if there was anything there. :P It was our longest date- 11 hours of running around the city and talking about everything under the sun. There was, in fact, something there.

Six months later we were engaged and planning a wedding in the middle of Covid. It was an absolute miracle, but we were able to have the wedding of our dreams between mandated lock-downs.

Almost 4 years later, we're building this our dream life in beautiful countryside of central Wisconsin.

My little family loves afternoons at the park, popsicles on the porch, and dance parties before bedtime. My girls are my reason for everything, and my favorite little clients. :) My self care includes writing spoken word poetry, ink sketching, pour over coffee, and making up tunes on our piano.

I have God to thank for everything good in my life and I am so very blessed if I can give an ounce of that goodness to others. My photography is for His glory and pleasure of His creation!

It didn't begin as a hobby.

I grew up breathless with the sun; awed by the way it lilted through the tree bows, spilling joy on the grass, the pond and anything it touched. I was equally taken with connection between humans. Even as a young boy, I remember caring so deeply to represent well the beauty of friendship through my little digital Canon point and shoot camera. There where prints plastered all over my walls. 

Growing up hasn’t lessened my obsession with these two parts of life. If anything, I care more than ever to memorialize that childhood wonder of love and light. But, I was on track to go into the ministry- I had my college degree and was working my way through seminary when I was just so impressed by God to go down another road. My wife and I were not happy where we were in our church community or seminary community. So we did the healthy thing and picked up our life and moved upstate to start a family in Wausau and begin again; a fresh, new home, new church, new friends, and new job.

I had photographed a few weddings already, and it was just the most natural thing to lean into that part of my life. With the support of my sweet wife and community, I jumped full-time into elopements, destinations and weddings. I never looked back. My own wedding had gone so poorly with photos, that I had a vision for how to give everything I had wanted, to my clients. When I say this has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done, I’m not kidding. Storytelling is an artform so potent and playful, it speaks into the very essence of what it means to be human. And getting to create something that is more than words- photographs?? Now that is a pursuit that I will never tire of, rather grow old falling more in love with love between humans and this magnificent earth that God has given us.

I get to take this art and turn it into storytelling. Your story.

It's a never-ending privilege that never bores me.

I would love to partner with you in capturing the individual beauty of you and those you love. Drop me a message and let's get the party started!


“If there were more than 5 stars, I'd give Kurtis 100. I can't begin to describe how amazing our photos turned out. From step one of setting up our engagement session, to the end of our wedding night, Kurtis was so supportive and just overall amazing! Our wedding was perfect, and now we'll forever be able to remember it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Kurt did our engagement photoshoot, and I cannot recommend him enough. We fell in love with his portfolio; his documentary-style nostalgic photos are so unique. We were further impressed by his friendliness and ability to help us feel comfortable in front of the camera at our shoot. Our photos turned out so warm and genuine, he totally captured our personalities and relationship. We're so excited for him to shoot our wedding!”

“Kurt is an absolutely lovely human being!! We hired him for our engagement session and he was professional and kind. My fiancée and I are not very touchy in front of other people, so we were worried about feeling awkward or weird during the session, and Kurt made us feel right at home! If you are on the fence and trying to decide who to hire, stop looking now and hire Kurt!! He is well worth your time and money. I cannot recommend him enough!!”