In the heart of Colorado Springs, Myah and Brayden embarked on a truly enchanting adventure as they exchanged vows in the ethereal Garden of the Gods. The rugged beauty of the red rock formations served as a majestic backdrop to their love story, a testament to the enduring nature of their commitment. As they navigated the winding trails hand in hand, the towering sandstone pillars stood witness to the beginning of their shared journey, each step weaving their narrative into the very fabric of the landscape.

While they chose to have their official ceremony at a nearby church, they wanted to take the morning for themselves, and explore this grander together, wearing their elegant suit and dress. It wasn't difficult to find private locations for them to enjoy the views, as the Garden spans more than 1300 acres of wild terrain, with minimal trails.

After their reception amid their close friends and family, Myah and Brayden ran back to the Garden, to get one last look before they stepped into their future together, forever tethered to the memories of a Garden of the Gods wedding, where the adventure of their love unfolded in harmony with the breathtaking surroundings.